Simply … My Menu

Custom Cakes

All of our cakes are made using gluten free ingredients.  They are custom baked in small batches in a gluten free kitchen.  Depending on the food allergies or sensitivities present, they can also be made dairy, corn, soy, egg, canola, nut and sugar free.  Ingredients are sourced responsibly and are organic whenever possible.

Our cupcakes can be custom designed to suit any theme.  Varieties include but are not limited to chocolate, vanilla, banana, carrot cake, pumpkin spice and blueberry.


2 thoughts on “Simply … My Menu

  1. Pamela Tierney

    I’m getting married on June 25th in Conroe. My biggest concern involves food and wedding cake. I have Celiac Disease and wheat allergy. My son (also reactive to dairy) and future father-in-law are also celiac. Several others also cannot have anything with gluten, wheat, and/or coconut. Can you do wedding cakes? Do you have other alternatives to cakes that would work, as well?

  2. Jonathan Hodgkinson

    We are planning on moving from Brisbane, Australia to the Woodlands in the next few months and being gluten intolerant I am very much looking forward to trying out some of your cookies and cakes; they look stunning :-)

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